Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poor blog abandoned

I have completely abandoned my blog altogether.

Last post was on the 30th June last month..its been almost 3 weeks since I've blogged heh!

This week has been crazy!! Work and leisure both kept me very busy hehe!

A friend was craving for some authentic Malacca cendol so we made a day trip down just to satisfy her cravings and at the same time visit famous places in Malacca and Jonkers Street! Today had Jap buffet lunch over @ Xenri in Kuchai Lama..pretty good food at RM49++ per pax. Unlimited salmon, sushis, tempuras and unagis for you to savour..boy did i enjoy the food! :D

Had an event job over at Lanai Kijang on Thursdays and Fridays with briefings in between! And classes throughout the week!

Haven't been this busy for some time now..feels quite funny to be busy!

Have some pictures in the crappy camera which I'm lazy to edit so that shall wait! Have uploaded some on FB which i took through the BB altho it doesnt take the most amazing pictures so that shall suffice for now :P

Okay this post is getting boring. Pictures soon when I'm in the mood. lalalala ~~~


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